Media Exposure

Build Customer Relationships

Build Customer Relationships

Media exposure allows your brand to build strong relationships with Indonesian audiences. Add value through informative and educational content.

Welcome to our NaDoo TV channel that reaches millions of viewers every day. Join us and take advantage of this unique opportunity to increase your brand visibility.

Television is the window to the world, and with our NaDoo TV open up the future reach of your brand.

With 80% 'Product Branding' content or product launching reviewed by the Top #10 best celebrities/KOLs in Korea, and 20% 'Happy Selling' content with product explanations, product unboxing or new product launching.

Our program is the perfect platform to promote your brand or product to a wide Indonesian audience.

No brand comes without a story behind it. We will reveal inspiring stories about your brand with tales of vision and dedication to creating unique and quality products.

We bring high quality video formats to your brand. With 1080p HD video quality and 30 minutes duration.

We deliver quality content such as product unboxing, product explanations by product specialists or KOLs, daily vblogs of Korean influencers discussing your products, Korean podcasts, or mini series of products.

Welcome a new era of television entertainment with NaDoo TV, the first Indonesian TV channel to offer a wide array of authentic content from Korea.

Having the best drama, music, news and variety show programs that have gone global right on your screen.

Get ready to be hypnotized by the magic of Korean culture!