Multiple Sales Channels

Maximize Your Sales Potential

Maximize Your Sales Potential

Unlock your brand's full potential by reaching Indonesian customers across our multiple sales channels. Our sales-channel approach ensures that your products are available on every channel, making it easy for customers to find you.

Join us on a journey of tremendous business growth! With strong multi sales channels, we are ready to expand your brand footprint into various markets. Let's build a successful future together. is a beauty, Korean, lifestyle e-commerce with the only online shopping mall concept in Indonesia. also offers a wide selection of products with the most complete collections such as beauty and health products, fashion, smartphones, smartphone devices and accessories, fresh food, groceries, furniture, household needs and many more. With the first online mall concept in Indonesia, always presents special and attractive discount promos from well-known brand products.

K-Mall which is operated in Indonesia as the main selling product of medium and highpriced brand products in the form of Mall in Mall, and only Korean products are operated by CBT method or direct purchase method. JK E-Commerce was established as a Korean branch of the local subsidiary SJ Global Indonesia, the official CBT seller of, and is a company that mainly operates CBT product discovery and business cooperation in Korea.

K-TrenZ is JK E-Commerce's own website which is a specialized company that introduces and supports the sale of Korean products in various categories through the Cross Border Trade business model. Based on our long experience in the Indonesian market and online, we are a company that specializes in creating a new paradigm for Korean products entering the Indonesian market through the cross-border trade business model.